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Odor & Pad Treatment

Elimate Odor and Stains from both Carpet and Pad

If you own a pet you already know how big a problem they can cause, bringing dirt from outside or using your carpet as a restroom. Pet odors can also be a big problem. In most situations pet odor is caused by urine being trapped into the carpet fibers and underneath (padding). Cat and dog owners are know well that if the fragrance remains, their pets will keep coming back to the same spot. Pet stains and odor need to be removed instantly when they first occur, because if the source of the smell is in the carpet or furniture fibers for a long time it will be difficult to remove and might damage the fibers permanently. Pet Odor Removing Experts at City WIde Carpet & Rug Cleaning are equipped with special tools to identify the urine deposits And remove the source of the pet odor (the urine) and ensure your carpet and upholstery look great again and smell fresh. Our cleaning experts use specially design chemicals for urine and odor removing non toxic and enviromentally safe without damaging your carpet fibers.

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