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Carpet Cleaning

Experience clean carpet like never before

Rotary high power steam cleaning

Are you ready for a deep clean carpet? Ready for that like-new feeling? Whether you need a once a month or once a year clean, we have the right cleaning solution for you. Our truck-mount carpet cleaning systems and professional technicians will be in and out, and on their way - and you will have clean, dry carpets in as little as a few hours. Our truck-mounted technology uses soft water to steam clean your carpet down to it's core - removing years of dirt, grime, stains and bacteria.

 WE use the CRB (contra-rotating brush)  Used by some  professional carpet cleaners for agitating pre-sprays prior to wet extraction. By dissolving the traffic lanes and spots and removing hair that the vacuum does not get out .  CRB machines lift and restore the carpet pile, while agitating to thoroughly detach soiling from the fibers.

A good CRB machine gives you much better results. CRB machines take away a lot of the manual work. Extraction is then quick and easy with fewer passes and less water needed, resulting in a drier carpet. After agitating with a CRB machine, the carpet often already looks clean.

It's time to enjoy your carpets again! Let us get them looking marvelous, and restore them to their mint condition. For that deep down, timely, low moisture carpet cleaning that works flawlessly and leaves your carpets spotless, call City Wide Carpet Cleaning. Did you know that regularly cleaning your carpet will add years of useful life to it? Save yourself money in the long run by maintaining quality carpet care with agents that leaven no sticky residue. We will clean your carpet deep down, from the root to the tip with quality cleaning agents and earth friendly hypo-allergenic detergent.


Carpet Cleaning Services available in Ventura, Camarillo, Ojai, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Santa Paula, Fillmore, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley and all of Ventura County.

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A low moisture encapsulation machine for Commercial Carpet Cleaning. This method of carpet cleaning uses a smaller amount of water and a powerful form of agitation that delivers superior results of professional deep cleaning.


• Certified by the Carpet & Rug Institution as a Deep Cleaning System

• Carpets Dry Fast

• No Recurring Stains




This cleaning tool is a powerful wand that is excellent for large areas, jobs take much less time to finish.  It has superior suctioning reduces dry time as well as delivers the ultimate clear!

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Counter Rotating Brush

Deep Cleans

Pre scrubs and pre-cleans, removes stains and hair and then rinses right out!

This done PRIOR to steam cleaning the carpet, removing pet hair and other soil before cleaning.  

Most powerful tool on the market!

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